Entry Portal 2024

Welcome to the entry portal for the People in Retail Awards!


Entries for 2024 have now closed. 

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Look back at the categories:

JEDI Award

The JEDI Award recognises retailers and/or individuals implementing successful initiatives for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within their workplaces and communities.

Employee of the Year

This award acknowledges an individual who consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication to their role, team, customer and business, nurturing a positive work environment.

Manager of the Year

This award celebrates exceptional managers who exhibit outstanding leadership, promote teamwork, and prioritise employee well-being, contributing significantly to organisational success.

Team of the Year

The Team of the Year Award recognises outstanding teams in various retail departments for their teamwork, collaboration, and measurable impact on both people and the overall success of the organisation.

Rising Spark Award

This award is to recognise the future leaders of retail; those graduates, interns, and apprentices already making their mark and showing exceptional potential.

Executive Leader of the Year

The Executive Leader of the Year award celebrates visionary leaders who excel in their roles by championing operational excellence and prioritising people-centric leadership.

People Development Team of the Year

This award celebrates teams are unwavering commitment to employee growth and development.

Community Engagement Programme of the Year

This award is for individuals or teams that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to building thriving communities through outreach and social impact programs.

Store Champion / Team of the Year

This award celebrates individuals or teams who consistently go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service with a positive humanistic approach.

Customer Service Team of the Year

This award recognises both in-house and outsourced customer service teams that have demonstrated excellence in navigating the complexities of exceptional customer service.

Spirit of Excellence Award

This award pays tribute to the individual who inspires and motivates others through their extraordinary contributions to the retail industry.

Retail Employer of the Year

This award honours retailers who champion unwavering support for employees at every level, building a culture where employees thrive.

Retail Partner of the Year

This award is for companies or partners dedicated to supporting retailers with a people-first ethos, celebrating innovation, exceptional services, and a commitment to building a better future for the retail industry.

Retail Association of the Year

This accolade celebrates industry bodies, associations and organisations that have consistently supported and advocated for retailers, building a stronger, more prosperous, and inclusive retail community.